Campus Security & Life Safety Magazine Digital Edition - November/December 2018

November/December 2018



The Importance of Communication in Emergency Response Plans

The Importance of Communication in Emergency Response Plans

By Rebekah Jarvis

Planning for everything that could possibly go wrong is second nature for members of the University of Calgary’s Risk portfolio, who are constantly tracking the worst-case scenario and developing strategies to prevent it.

Intelligent Solutions for Campuses

By Sydny Shepard, Andreas Pettersson

Enhancing Security Through VMS

By Ken LaMarca

Keeping K-12 schools safe is a challenging business. School administrators and security personnel face the task of weighing real and perceived threats, and finding effective and cost-efficient ways to address them while maintaining a non-threatening environment.

Proactive Campus Emergency Communication

Proactive Campus Emergency Communication

By Tony Bradberry

In emergency situations, seconds count, so knowing how to immediately identify and respond effectively to any level of emergency is critical.

Viral Solutions


Viral Solutions

By Sydny Shepard

We all have a Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account and we have all seen a post go viral. For whatever reason, despite the topic of the post, the content is deemed relevant by thousands, sometimes millions of people who decide to view, comment, like and share these posts to their timelines.

Seamless Solution

Seamless Solution

By Hilding Arrehed

The use of cloud technologies for campus access control has enabled university students, faculty and staff to employ their mobile devices for valuable new experiences that range from entering dorm rooms to making cafeteria purchases with a simple tap or twist of their phones.

Understanding Attack Resistant Doors Within Education Environments

By Kenny Webb

Since 2013, there have been more than 300 education-campus related gunfire incidents in the U.S.—an average of about one per week. With an increase in hostile events, gunfire incidents and other security breaches have prompted parents and administrators to examine and improve campus security.

A 21st Century Approach to Campus Safety and Security

A 21st Century Approach to Campus Safety and Security

By Carolyn Parent

Safety and security must be front of mind for university and college administrators. Protecting the wellbeing of students, staff, faculty, and guests is not only simply the right thing to do, but it also reduces risk and exposure for the institution itself.

Above and Beyond

Above and Beyond

Lovejoy ISD finds perfect partnership to increase safety and security of students.

Finding the Cure for Security


Finding the Cure for Security

By Ellie Randall

Medical research institute in Texas implements leading-edge technologies for fail-proof security solutions.

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